Lake Binder

Lake Binder Camping Rules 2024                        

“Camper” is defined as anyone using space on the grounds to stay overnight.                                           Site #_____________


  • Fees:  Season-no moving                                          $800.00 (30 amp) $825.00 (50 amp) with electricity   NAME:_____________________

                  Nightly                                                            $10.00 per night - tents

                                                                                              $20.00 per night   - campers with electricity            _____________________________

                                                                                              $15.00 per night   - campers without electricity

There will be no prorating of fees and NO refunds.   Rates are subject to change.


Camping Season is 9AM April 15–9PM Oct. 31, any person(s) camping or placing a vehicle or any other apparatus on premise before or after these dates must first ask permission and pay a $5.00 daily fee to City Clerk or Camp Manager in advance or be considered in violation of Corning City Code of Ordinances Chapter 42.  No electricity or water available November 1-April 14, 2022.

  • From the end of camping season to February 1, a camper can reserve their location if payment is received by February 1 for the coming camping season (9AM April 15-9PM Oct31).
  • The City is not responsible for any damage caused by any occurrence considered an act of God, nor are they responsible for any damage done to a camper for plugging into a circuit breaker larger than the trailer is rated for.  IE: 50 amp service for a 30 amp trailer.
  • Campers may camp any place that doesn’t interfere with the following: 
  1. boat unloading dock, blocking driveways or dam
  2. block or interfere with others trying to use electrical outlets (one electrical hook-up per camper)
  3. taking excessive space with boat, boat trailer, vehicles, etc. (paid camping space only)
  4. non-electric use campers will not park in front of or near electrical outlets


  • Only one trailer, other than the camper, can be on a paid campsite.


  • Campers will be required to keep the area they occupy clean and free of debris including firepit debris.


  • Full Season campers may leave their decks at campsites BUT must take all other personal items. Campers are responsible for maintenance of their stand-alone decks. Campers agree to hold the City of Corning harmless for any damage or loss to the decks. Camper agrees to waive and indemnify the City of Corning of any liability as a result of leaving their deck at the campsite. In the event that the deck needs to be moved, the camper is responsible for moving the deck upon notice.


  • All gray water and wastewater must be hauled to an approved disposal site. There is a disposal site at the NE corner of Lake Binder or at 7th & John Street, Corning, IA.  Dumping of wastewater on the ground will be subject to a fine of $625.


  • Campers are requested to turn off air conditioning unit if going to be gone from site more than 2 days.


  • The area will be quiet after Eleven (11:00) P.M.  This takes cooperation of all and we ask your support of this rule. Please turn off all flashing lights nightly. The City Council cannot control violations without your assistance.


  • All animals must be on a leash & must have proof of current vaccines.  It is the duty of every person owning, having custody or control of an animal to clean up, remove and dispose of the feces deposited by such animal. Violators will be fined $50 per incident.


  • NO dogs allowed to cause serious annoyance or disturbance to any person by frequent and habitual howling, yelping, or barking. 
  • NO aggressive behavior towards other dogs or humans (Chapter 55.09).  Owners will be asked to remove their animals and / or asked to leave for either aggressive behavior or excessive barking above.   No pro-rating of fees.
  • NO WAKE ZONE”.  Only battery operated trolling motors are allowed on Lake Binder.
  • NO personal docks are allowed.
  • NO personal gardens are allowed.
  • NO fireworks.  Ordinance 445 states only fireworks allowed on property one owns—not on public property.  Violators may be fined up to $500 and all fireworks confiscated.
  • NO ATV’s, off road motorcycles or off road utility vehicles shall be operated at Lake Binder without the express permission of the Council.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO CHEMICAL SPRAYING FOR WEEDS ALONG WATER EDGE.  Lake Binder is a source of drinking water for Corning.  Violators will be asked to leave and fined $625. 
  • These rules shall be enforced by the Adams County Sheriff’s Department, Camp Manager and the City Clerk.
  • Fish Limit - Per Person (License Required)

o    Bass - three (3) per day (15 inches in length)

o    Catfish - eight (8) per day (possession limit 30)

Thanks for your cooperation and please hurry back ~ CORNING CITY COUNCIL    


Site #:________  Signature:______________________________________________________________________

I have read and agree to the rules listed above.

Email (if check regularly) ________________________________________________